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When I was in your shoes

Looking at people quitting their 9-5,

Seeing creators online drastically change their life,

Thinking about how my life would be if I had more freedom,

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Klamath Falls, OR, USA

I WISH I could express my fears, dreams and questions to a community of people that were experiencing the same feelings.


Well, I'm crafting that space for you!  


Starting to explore the idea of going remote and launching your business can be far from comfortable... the trail looks lonely, rocky & scary, specially if you're looking to hike it on your own.



Business Base Camp

So, imagine how would it feel if you get to share your fears, connect and get support from other hikers on that same path?

If you are feeling the need to ditch the scroll whole with community based learning:

I am gathering amazing people who soon want to become remote and are eagered to learn how they can build a remote business!


It will include:

Entry level - TheBlissfulstep Community.png

Trainings, resources & education on Online Business

Remote living resources for finding work/ life balance

1 group call a month for remote & online business support and accountability

Bridge job listing board to help you transition from your 9-5 to your dream job

2 group calls a month { remote living/biz + digital wellbeing }

Access to the minimalist entrepreneur course


In the mean time...

Map out your Own Digital Product

Have you been dreaming about digitalizing your offer ?
Here's how to create a digital product without scrolling endlessly on google



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