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Your Coordinates

Discover the ultimate guide to Online Entrepreneurship – Absolutely FREE!

Behind are the days of googling the answers when wanting to starting a remote business..

There are numerous routes you can take when it comes to creating & digitalizing your service.

but the digital world can become a loud space to navigate.
That's why I created this resource.

The Coordinates is your toolkit to dive into an easy and digestible series of videos guiding you step by step on the basics of remote living and working.

swap your google searches with  

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☞ learning  what does a remote lifestyle really mean

☞  finding YOUR own meaning of success

☞  a guide on how to map out your remote biz

The 5 key concepts you need to know before making the decision to become an online entrepreneur.

A self-paced (consume in a day series of videos) to find the clarity you're seeking to know if you have what it takes to become an online entrepreneur


Types of online / digital business

Perks vs cons of becoming an online entrepreneur

15 + Patterns of successful and unsuccessful case studies

Guide on how to begin the implementation portion to start creating your own digital product

Opportunity to claim 1h free session with me if online business is the path you'd like to take


Kickstart your remote and entrepreneurial journey

Your Coordinates

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