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A 30 day cleanse to discover your business's potential, cultivate healthy leadership,& build a strong team for sustained growth



Is this you?

You are wearing many hats within your biz

You are buried in the day to day tasks and can't find the time to grow

You neglect setting boundaries with yourself, clients and team



Week one

Healthy Business 101

We'll kick off the biz detox with an introductory group training and you'll leave the training with a clear 30 day goal


Week two

Current Process Health Check

You'll be handed templates with instructions on how to gather data of your company's practices to audit workflows, tasks and current q's.


Week three

Improvement Plan Design

A 2-hour 1:1  to go over your comprehensive and tailored roadmap designed to optimize your business workflows and internal processes.

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Week four

Tech Integration

Once handed your implementation plan, CEOs will reunite for a final 2h group meeting to share any last minute questions or feedback.


Marlys Yvonne 

PHEW did I need this. Gabby came through with smart questions, refreshing clarity, and concrete organizational tools that helped me put new procedures in place and define the areas I need to put further energy into. I've already begun to implement the strategies she helped me to outline and it feels so good!

Boost your business's health and give it a serious upgrade

  • Pay in Full

  • 3 Month Payment Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months


1.5-hour introductory training on Biz Detox

Templates to gather data and audit systems

Personalized plan for your business' internal system.

2h 1:1 call with Gabby to review Plan

Task Manager Implementation plan



Need more of a
done for you option?

This option is ideal for companies seeking a seamless experience, where I'll personally implement the program directly into your business.

This may include:

  • Conducting department meetings to audit current protocols.

  • Redefining roles within your team

  • Hosting team trainings

  • Custom-tailored templates {plan + design + implementation}

  • Progress monitoring for at least 30 days.

This option starts at 5k.

  • Do I need to have a team in order to have a good experience?
    No! In the contrary, it's going to be so insightful to learn from other businesses' mistakes and create future protocols to save you time and energy in the long run. We all wish we had this BEFORE we had a team.
  • Is this program for me?
    If you HAVE a team and tend to: Micromanage, not trusting your team to help you FULLY. Lack delegation of defined roles, responsibilities or contracts Receive weekend texts from clients and your team due to lack of boundaries Play favorites among team members, creating divisions. Neglect to recognize and appreciate team efforts, leading to demotivation. If you DON'T have a team yet and tend to: Wear multiple hats in your biz, leading to burnout. Wait for the "right time" to hire or delegate Sacrifice quality of work due to limited budget and time Drown in client work Then yes my friend.. this program is for YOU and it will help you create a healthier and more positive work environment for everyone involved.
  • How long is the program, and what is the time commitment required?
    The Program is only 30 days and it will require a minimum of 3-5h per week. The actual time may vary depending on the extent of changes you wish to make. But don't worry🤗; I'll be there to keep you focused and guide you in prioritizing changes tailored to your unique situation, so you won't feel overwhelmed. Together, we'll make steady progress towards your goals.
  • What is the "done for you" option about?
    The "done for you" option is ideal for companies seeking a seamless experience, where I'll personally implement the program directly into your business. This may include: Conducting department meetings to audit current protocols. Redefining roles within your team for optimal efficiency. Crafting a personalized plan with necessary changes and system improvements. Hosting team trainings on the new processes and enhancements. Designing custom-tailored templates to solidify new protocols. Providing ongoing supervision and progress monitoring for at least 30 days. With this package starting at just 5k, you can focus on your day-to-day tasks while we handle the rest, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for your business.
  • I'd love to address a specific question before I invest! How can I contact you?
    Always feel free to voicenote me a message over on IG @theblissfulstep! I'd be happy to help :)
  • Can I bring a team member to the trainings & meetings?
    YES! you can bring any team member you wish to help you during this process.

Just as a physical detox flushes out toxins from your body, a business detox kicks out all the negative habits that's dragging down your company. We're talking about tackling operational inefficiencies, toxic team relationships, lousy management practices, lack of focus, and even digital wellbeing.

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