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This expedition is my signature consulting experience, designed to help you build a solid business foundation, from scratch.



Build a remote business { template + mentorship }

Hi, I'm Gabby

Let's connect


What if you had  your own personal guide  on your day-to-day business operations?

Taking out the "guess work" and know what it actually mean to "work" on YOUR business

Receive LIFETIME BONUSES to mentorship and business consulting

Working together with someone rather than taking another course

Be part of a community of entrepreneurs that are open to collaboration

Together, we begin an expedition to designing your ideal remote lifestyle, create your profitable service, develop your business & marketing plan.

After we begin this journey, you'll be equipped with:

The Expedition - ExpeditionPrincipalayout.png

Your very own ClickUp system
Done for you template with 40+ organized tasks to help you structure your remote workflow

Instructions on how to use Google Calendar and ClickUp as organization and business planning resources

Crafted digital service framework with price plans, and contract

Selected service hosting, email marketing, and CRM platform(s)

Crafted freebie {lead magnet} to help share your service and grow your email list

Finished sales page, landing page and email sequences copy

Aaaand, most importantly,

CLARITY & CONFIDENCE to feel worthy of launching a profitable business.

From Viral to booked out Business

After going viral and gaining 100k followers overnight I managed to get 2,000 people on a waiting list. At this point, I had no idea what to do. I reached out to Gabby and she helped me navigate through my ideal costumer journey, softwares and systems to handle the demand. That week I booked 60 calls and closed around 40 clients.

Tatiana Garcia -  Credit Theory Expert

Want to read the full stories? 
Head to The Expedition Reports to read about how others took The Blissful Step



As part of your expedition gear, you'll also receive DONE FOR YOU FUNNELS for:

Your costumer

journey workflow

Future lead

magnet options

Lead magnet

Social media pillars and content creation

The Expedition - Funnels.png

Extra auditing and sales calls resources

Launch strategy for referral/social media based businesses


Packing list

  1. Willingness to learn and be guided

  2. Your laptop and fav beverage

  3. Eagerness to become resourceful and self-sufficient

  4. Feelings like: Curiosity, Adventure & Excitement​

Leave behind list

  1. fear of change

  2. pressure of posting on socials

  3. opinions of others

  4. people "should-ing" on you

Let's connect to begin the expedition

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Others have taken The Blissful Step

Get to know their stories in

The Expedition Reports

by reading the success stories of other dreamers who have achieved their goals, you can gain valuable insights and inspiration to help you stay on track and motivated.


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