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Ways to connect with me

for business consultations

Let's choose your business path together

Fill out the form below to help me catch up with your visions and goals! Then, we’ll have a quick 30 min clarity call to help choose your map, gather your equipment and begin your ascend


for business collaborations

Let's ascend a hike together and collaborate

As a referral based business, connecting with other entrepreneurs and brands is essential to feed my version of success. I ADORE connecting and collaborating with other remote brands!


for IIN guidance

Let's create a clear map of what IIN can be for you

As a former Health Coach, IIN Grad and Online Business Consultant, I would love to answer any questions you might have about tuition, curriculum, future job opportunities and your potential in the health industry! Simply, fill out the questionnaire and schedule a free call with me!

TheBlissfulStep- Images-7

Top of 2020, what I did during the pandemic.

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-9

California 2021, love me some ergonomics

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-1

Barcelona 2019, shared my journey with 300+ people

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-6

Sierras 2021, backpacking trip of a lifetime

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-10

December 2021, ready to move the bus to Montana

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-7

5th round of my first business course. Over 25 entrepreneurs showed up!

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-11

Montana 2022, meditated on top of a snowy mountain for 1h

TheBlissfulStep- Images-15

Bishop, CA 2021, while Ethan was shooting a music video, I was swimming on the river

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-5

Celebrated my 28th bday climbing at the beach. My two favorite activities!

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-14

Spring in Montana

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-12

Biked to the lake, jumped in and worked for 2h. My type of remote working

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-8

March 2021, beautiful climbing day in Texas Canyon

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