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What if we think of business as an adventure and not a goal?


Unlearning the typical numerical and linear measure of success while learning to enjoy the everyday process of designing a business model that sustains our ideal lifestyle

and then.. as instructed, I HOSTED THEM.. the course, program, module, webinar, masterclass 🥴 


I hosted them not because I wanted but because I was told to.

I quickly noticed  the constant decline of course completion rates and scarcity marketing taking over the industry. Coaches were {understandably} being associated with scammy ads and money hungry tactics.

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Before all the fancy titles ( Business Development Strategist, Bilingual Accredited Coach, Remote Living Expert & Certified Digital Wellness Educator) I hiked the long “underpaid and overworked” trail. I was a Registered Veterinary Technician for 4 years and had NO idea how to re-route to a remote journey.

Most importantly, I didn't trust myself making decisions or coming up with ideas since my previous decisions led me to that unwanted trail.

So I put all my trust in

the Coaching industry and did it all.

got certified

took the marketing courses

paid for the healing programs

studied the mentorship modules

attended money hungry webinars and masterclasses

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-13.jpg

the shame selling tactics, desperate messaging scripts & the robotic launching methods I was taught.
While at the same time, RE-LEARNING a lot about myself, my methodology and business.

I quickly learned:

that asking for personalized help was the shortcut to hitting milestones

to develop systems and boundaries based on my personality & meaning for happiness

to design my ideal life BEFORE my business model

how to detach my version of success with others'

TheBlissfulStep- Let's connect-14.jpg

So after 5 years in the Coaching space, I decided to stop it all and UNLEARN

Business, money and success are never a “final destination”.

This journey is ongoing, evolving, and fascinating for you to build and enjoy. 

Ready to start your journey to remote living?

What if we reframed the “goal” of becoming a successful remote business owner to the “adventure” of starting the journey OF remote living?

So.. that brings me to my original question

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