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Meet Huruma - How Jessie & Andrea built a web developement studio

Meet two Venezuelans who came together to build a successful website development business called HURUMA.

Meet Huruma

Jessie is a yogi living in Puebla, Mexico, and Andrea is based in Caracas, Venezuela. They became friends in college while pursuing their professional degrees, which led them to dive into web development full-time.

After working with a few trial clients, they realized that some obstacles were slowing down their growth, such as:

- Feeling that the price they charged for their services didn't match the energy they put into the project.

- Working with clients who didn't align with their values.

- Spending too much time on a project due to lack of organization.

- Working for free at times.

- Lacking structure in their contracts, limits, service deadlines, and deliverables.

Fortunately, a friend sent them the link to my clarity session. I felt honored to work with them because their energy was so light and beautiful. I provided support and encouraged them to take their time gathering their finances before committing to our process.

Over time, I fell in love with their work ethic and the quality of their deliverables, and I decided to create a service exchange contract where they designed my own website. I'm thrilled to share what we learned together and continue collaborating in the future!

How they took action

Over the course of two months, they completed a total of four consultations with a hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition}

They crafted and committed to a simple, scalable, and well-rounded website development service with clear deliverables that align with their ideal client.

They created and automated their customer journey to attract and qualify their ideal client (Dubsado). They developed a service hosting process inside (ClickUp) and crafted an amazing lead magnet inside Mailerlite (their email marketing software).

How's Huruma doing now?

Today, Huruma is a well-organized company with room to scale in an organic and personalized way. Jessie and Andre have clearly defined roles that allow for constant collaboration and communication, which helps them automate and optimize their behind-the-scenes systems. They also use new platforms to manage their protocols, which enables them to take on more clients without spending more time on the process.

Another highlight is that most of their clients come through their referral program. They decided to build a business based on word-of-mouth to avoid relying on social media marketing, which used to overwhelm them.

Referring Huruma to my clients is easy for me because many of them don't want to spend time setting up their business foundation on management platforms or websites. Huruma is an amazing team to hire after my business construction consultations.

They will always be my great partners and friends!

It's inspiring to see how two people from different parts of the world came together to create a successful business. Despite facing challenges and obstacles, they remain open to learning and growing, which allowed them to create a scalable business model. This shows that with the right mindset and support, anything is possible.

Huruma's Blissful Steps:

  1. A hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition} - Build a Remote Business Template + Consultations

☞ Connect with Huruma

Instagram: @hurumaweb



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