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Soli Faerman - From manual to systems in 2 months

Soli is a registered dietitian & co-founder of Luna.

soli faerman a succesful registered dietitian

Meet Soli

A passionate nutritionist from Argentina currently living in Miami. She's a determined and hard-working person who loves educating people about nutrition and healthy eating.

When Soli first came to me, she was receiving a lot of DM’s from prospects who were not aligned with her niche and services. She felt unclear about her offerings, which resulted in her wasting time coaching via DM’s or doing one-off consultations.

Despite having a lot of traffic, she had little to no call-to-action because she lacked confidence in her services and behind the scenes, which at the time consisted of Whatsapp messaging and selling via dm’s. However, she had gained valuable experience from her previous jobs and was ready to level up with something of her own

During the clarity session, I was so impressed with Soli's readiness to take action and her openness to feedback. But I noticed that she was overwhelmed with numerous ideas that she wanted to execute. She had all the data she needed to create a solid business since she had taken massive action beforehand but didn’t know how and where to start.

How she took action

Over the course of four weeks, Soli had four 1:1 consultations where she created a new website, branding, services, prices, service hosting platform (Practice Better), email marketing + website (Wix), freebie, and more aligned social media content. She now knows how to qualify her clients and is owning her customer service.

A website with a clear mission, call to action and customer journey:

dietitian website soli faerman

Content that screams to her audiences pain points

nutritionist and dietitian Instagram grid

How's Soli doing now?

After working together, Soli is now open for business and collaboration. She is confident and knowledgeable about her customer journey, ideal client, and services.

Soli is a powerful example of what can be achieved in just two months when you embody consistent hard work and a willingness to learn. By clarifying her niche and services, choosing the right software, and developing clear systems, this passionate nutritionist was able to transform her approach and take her business to the next level. Now, she is open for business, confident in her customer journey, and co-founding a new collaborative business called LUNA - a testament to the power of determination, strategy, and a growth mindset.

Soli's Blissful Steps:

  1. A hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition} - Build a Remote Business Template + Consultations

☞ Connect with Soli

Instagram: @solitness

Website: www.


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