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Jenn Cino - Balancing Health, Business, and Passion

Meet Jenn Cino a Functional Diagnostic Practitioner Focusing On Root-Cause Approaches To Health

Rebecca Cafiero

Meet Jenn

Jenn Cino is a powerhouse in the realm of health and wellness, holding titles like Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Certified Holistic Hormone Specialist. She's all about hard work and is on a mission to educate and empower women about their bodies, promoting self-love, self-respect, and grace in lifestyle choices.

Jenn and I go way back. To be exact, we first crossed paths in 2018. Despite being aware of each other's presence, our true connection didn't solidify until 2022

In just five years, Jenn managed to grow her company into a team of 8. But this success came at a cost to her health, with long hours managing her business and serving clients taking a toll. Her original passion for her business got lost along the way.

That's where I came in. We reconnected through a mastermind group, and it didn't take long for us to bond over our ideas about success and how to run a business. We quickly became "accountability buddies," meeting up every couple of weeks to keep each other on track and provide support.

During one of these sessions, Jenn opened up about her struggles—managing her team was overwhelming, her backend systems were lacking, and she was nearing burnout. Seeing her like this pushed me to step in and help. I promised her that in three months, I'd revamp her business operations. And that's exactly what I did.

How she took action

Over those three months, I worked closely with Jenn's team, auditing their systems, and creating a manual packed with step-by-step guides, known as SOPs (kind of like a business playbook). We also set up the company's first task manager and streamlined communication through ClickUp.

"I was drowning in client messages and management tasks when I inquired about Gabby's services. I had little to no time to enjoy the successes my business was experiencing. After only 60 days of setting up our custom-curated protocols and systems in ClickUp, my workload instantly dropped. My team members are now feeling more in control of their time and energy! I even caught myself feeling 'worried' due to my daily work routine changing so drastically."

How's Jenn doing now?

My journey with Jenn is ongoing as I support her through project management consulting as she prepares for her upcoming maternity leave. As her business evolves, I'm committed to ensuring it remains as successful as ever, allowing Jenn to continue her mission in the health and wellness industry.

Jenn's story is a testament to the power of finding balance and reclaiming your passion within your business. It's a reminder that success doesn't have to come at the expense of well-being. With the right systems and support, even the busiest entrepreneurs can find that harmony and joy they initially set out to achieve.

Jenn's Blissful Steps:

☞ Connect with Jenn

Instagram: @lifeasjenn


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