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Andrea Eraso: A Venezuelan Fashion Stylist Making it in Mexico City's Entrepreneurial Scene

Andrea Eraso is a style consultant that helps women to connect with their confidence

Meet Andrea

Have you ever met someone who radiates value and positivity so effortlessly? Well, let me introduce you to Andrea, a Venezuelan style consultant who has found her calling in the vibrant streets of Mexico: Beyond her expertise in fashion, she's a true entrepreneur at heart.

How she took action

From the moment I met Andrea, it was crystal clear that she meant business – serious business.

She was very determined and really wanted to make a change quickly. Andrea was SUCH a quality client because she was recommended to me by my long term friend and former client Giselle Azpurua, interior designer. Andrea embodied the essence of an ideal client: clarity in vision, commitment in time, and readiness in budget.

Andrea's journey began by cultivating a community that adored her for the remarkable insights she shared. Her generosity knew no bounds as she selflessly provided knowledge on self-confidence, fashion trends, and self-image. However, she started to feel the cap of her impact. There is so much reels and comments can do. She wanted to create a service that helped her provide much more than just a quick inspiration, but a REAL TRANSFORMATION, personalized transformation.

In 4 weeks, we had 4 sessions and we:

  • built her services

  • set their prices

  • facilitated her product delivery with a CRM {dubsado}

  • she learned how to task manage with ClickUp

  • Created an ebook that was going to launch her services

How's Andre doing now?

"My goal for the first year was to have at least 4 clients, and so far, I already have 7. I feel really happy and grateful because I didn't imagine I would reach this number. All the tools I've learned from Gabby have given me the guidance and confidence to know how to charge without any hassle, how to attract future clients during my clarity calls, how to learn along the way, make necessary changes to grow my business, and become more professional with each step."

Andre's journey showcases the potential of turning dreams into reality. She's transformed from a beloved fashion stylist into a thriving entrepreneur.

A year after her first launch she has been able host dozens of clarity calls and close styling clients on a monthly basis, including collabs with big brands like Aeropostale Mexico, launched a podcast: Voz de Estilo, transferred over all her processes and admin tasks to her new fav task manager NOTION and she has a network of entrepreneurs helping her grow her referral based program and business.

Andre's Blissful Steps:

  1. A hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition}- Build a Remote Business Template + Consultations

☞ Connect with Andre

Instagram: @erasoandrea

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1 Comment

@Andrea Eraso simplemente fascinanteeee!! Soy tu fan ❤️😍

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