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Gabi Dimitrova - From IIN grad to Recipe Developer

Gabby, a Bulgarian recipe developer residing in Palm Beach, FL, who turned her passion for plant-based eating and sustainability into a thriving business.

Meet Gabi

I met Gabi when she worked full-time at her parents' restaurant and recently graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Driven by her love for plant-based eating and holistic living, she felt a strong desire to share her knowledge and passion with others. Despite facing some uncertainties about her next steps, Gabi knew that becoming a health coach would be a crucial part of her journey.

Gabi was super shy and TERRIFIED of showing face on social media. She didn't fully realize all the amazing talents and gifts she had because she was so worried about marketing herself. But we clicked right away, and she felt comfortable opening up to me. We had three clarity calls, since she couldn't make up her mind initially.. but I knew deep down she would get there when the time was right.

So, I patiently waited. Finally, after two months of our first clarity call, she made the leap and enrolled in a hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition}. It was an exciting moment!

How she took action

After two months working together, we slowly began to establishing a strong foundation for her business. Together, we selected and set up various platforms, including: CRM and service hosting on Practice Better, Website on Wix, Email marketing through ConvertKit, Google Calendar for digitalizing her time, ClickUp as a task manager.

With these systems in place, Gabi confidently launched her health coaching program, attracting and closing three paying clients!

How's Gabi doing now?

Today, Gabi's business, Sustainable Eats, has evolved beyond health coaching. Gabi is now focusing mostly on recipe development and embracing her creative genius through user-generated content (UGC).

By strategically structuring her business to incorporate UGC and establishing a paid collaboration structure, Gabi now serves four retainer clients and engages in 2-4 one-off projects per month. Her dedication and unique approach have led to collaborations with over 20 different companies, expanding her presence and opening doors to new opportunities.

Gabi's words:

"Gabby's mentorship has played an instrumental role in shaping my business journey, from ideation to successful program launch and so much more. Her guidance has enabled me to embrace new avenues, such as UGC and paid collaborations, allowing my business to flourish and expand its reach. I have never been one to ask for help, but my experience working with Gabby has shown me the immense value in seeking guidance and support. I would probably still be working on launching my coaching program if it wasn’t for the Blissful Step! "

Gabi's Blissful Steps:

  1. A hybrid of 2 services: Service & Software Refinement + Workflow & Systems Audit {previously known as The Expedition} - Build a Remote Business Template + Consultations

☞ Connect with Gabi

Instagram: @sustaineats.gab



Unknown member
Jul 12, 2023

Ahhh you are too kind! Thank you so much for this🩷🥹

Gabby Toro
Gabby Toro
Jul 12, 2023
Replying to

Your story deserves to be heard!! So blessed to have you in my life :)

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